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Masters in Culinary Business Management


01 December 2020 ( 15:00 ) UTC


60 min.


Gain the entrepreneurial skills you need to launch your own culinary business!
During this webinar, you will be introduced to our Master of Arts in Culinary Business Management, which is geared towards career changers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, and culinary start-up enthusiasts. The goal of the programme is not to create chefs, but managers who will have a practical awareness and understanding of working in a kitchen. You will acquire relevant managerial skills as well as transferable skills empowering you to adapt to changing career patterns, such as problem-solving skills, creative thinking, cross-cultural competences and collaboration, emotional intelligence, and general reasoning skills. You will learn how to develop your own food concepts, create recipe books, and present viable business plans.

Tanja Florenthal

Academic Director of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland and Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Tanja Florenthal is the Academic Director of Cesar Ritz Colleges, Bouveret. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation and enjoys sharing her knowledge with students. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration from Cornell University, an MBA, and a Master of Arts in Higher Education and she is currently pursuing her doctorate.

Alain Muller

Assistant Dean for the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Alain Muller is our recently appointed Assistant Dean for the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. Prior to becoming the developer of one top Culinary Programs in the world, Mr. Müller evolved as a professional Chef in Canada and Switzerland. He studied to become a professional chef at (ITHQ) the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management in Montreal, Canada and then completed the Brevet Federal Restauration in Switzerland. He is also a holder of a Master of Arts in Education degree with the University of Derby. His mission is to take the Culinary Arts Academy to a new level through innovation and entrepreneurship. Chef Müller, holds a key role in the relations between industry and the education sectors. In 2016 he was awarded the distinction award by STR Global - SHARE and International CHRIE in recognition of significant contributions related to bridging the gap between academia and the industry.

Christian Schiering

Global Head of Marketing and Development for the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

His professional journey in the F&B Industry took him from his home country Germany all the way to South East Asia. Now based in Singapore he is passionate about all things Culinary Arts, from food and cooking to industry trends and education.

Daiane Lagger

Director of Marketing and Development Americas

Daiane has been with the Swiss Education Group (SEG) for 17 years. During these years, she has held numerous positions within the Academic and Marketing departments. She is in charge of the Americas Admissions Office and is committed to sharing her passion for Swiss Hospitality and Culinary Arts, guiding students throughout the Admissions process, supporting them during their studies and career paths.

Camille Hosseini

Director of Marketing and Development for Europe

Camille has been with SEG for 10 years and today is responsible for marketing and recruitment across Europe. With his team, he developed new strategies to seize business opportunities in his markets and provide the “Swiss Hospitality Touch” to every SEG student.

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