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AlumniHow to become #1 on TripAdvisor in 4 months

There are 10 567 restaurants in Brasilia listed on TripAdvisor and Thiago Paraiso’s Saveur Bistro is proudly sitting at #1.

Thiago Paraiso graduated from Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland last April. With the Higher Diploma programme, he studied for 6 months with in-class training paired with 6 months of real-world training at the 2 Michelin starred restaurant Domaine de Châteauvieux.

After graduating, Thiago returned to Brazil to open his own restaurant Saveur Bistro – a classic French Bistro that uses local ingredients in the heart of Brasilia. In 4 months, his restaurant shot to the very top of TripAdvisor and has been proudly resting there ever since. We asked Thiago what every restaurant owner wants to know:

What is the secret formula to get to the top of this coveted list?!

  1. Put the focus on the customer and listen to their feedback
    We make an effort to talk to each customer to learn about their experience. We take the time to ask what we can improve – and we listen. If the customer has a bad experience, we will call a meeting with the entire team to discuss together the situation and what we learned from it.
  2. Stay true to your identity
    Even though the restaurant has grown in popularity with bookings far in advance, I do not want to grow. The 40 person limit creates intimacy for the restaurant and is what gives it its charm allowing for the close and personal contact with each customer.
  3. Encourage customers to post their feedback on TripAdvisor
    Upon finishing online reservations, we send an email to all customers asking them to share their experiences and comments on TripAdvisor to help us improve. We encourage them to be honest and include criticism. We also have a link to TripAdvisor on our homepage of our website.
  4. Be present on Social Media
    A strong social media presence is invaluable today in making sure you can reach your audience. We post regular updates and interact with customers through our social channels every day.
How to become number 1 on TripAdvisor
  1. Hire a strong team
    I have a really great team in the kitchen with 7 chefs in total! Hiring a strong team is by far the most difficult and most important part of a restaurant’s success.

Swiss Higher Diploma in Culinary Studies at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Thiago graduated from Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland with a Swiss Higher Diploma in Culinary Studies:

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