Student LifeApplying (and getting accepted) to Swiss Culinary School

How normal people apply to culinary school…and how I did it!

I stumbled across Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland about 4 years ago. I saw an online advertisement, clicked it, became interested and then closed the tab and forgot completely about a possible culinary future. I remember thinking, I’m an excellent student so why would I consider a culinary profession? There is no future in that – oh how wrong I was then!

My education plans were firm. I planned to move to London, England and study in a completely different field. But everything changed very sharply on a trip to Switzerland with my mother.

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I have travelled a lot of the world in my life, but the only place in the world where I feel absolute peace, harmony and tranquillity is Switzerland.


I remember walking around Geneva, my only company Ludovic Einaudi in my headphones, when something incredibly strong in my head told me…I have to stay in Switzerland. I always wanted to be a cook. My grandfather was a chef, I was cooking since childhood but the possibility that I could actually take this route only truly occurred to me that day in Geneva. I flashbacked to 4 years ago and remembered Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland and jumped on the train to go visit. The students were on vacation at the time but the administrative staff were still working which was lucky for me.

I decided to join the school 6 days before the start of the semester. I still can’t believe that it happened this way – but determination is a strong force.



For admission, they required a high school diploma, copies of my permits, a letter of motivation and my CV. I rushed everything to the admissions team and they were very impressed with my academic performance and motivation to study at their institution.

Reasonable people would submit these documents to the university at least a couple of months in advance. Since I studied at an international school and studied English, my language level was already at the 'fluent' level and I didn’t have to show IELTS (international English proficiency test). All foreign students need to have a level of at least 5.5 since the training, of course, takes place in English.

I know this story is hard to believe and I don’t regret one bit that I chose Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland in such a spontaneous and abrupt way. It has turned into one of the best decisions of my life. I adore my studies, teachers, subjects and of course Switzerland!


Be spontaneous and brave in your decisions. Sometimes, the wisest decisions come precisely from those moments!



Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

Safina Usmanova is a Term 7 culinary student at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.

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