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With 3 beautiful campuses in Le Bouveret, Lucerne and Brig, choose between French and German speaking Switzerland and benefit from a multi campus experience. With a focus on hospitality, tourism, business and entrepreneurial spirit, we are continually inspired by Mr César Ritz, the pioneer of luxury hotels.

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Successful Alumni Story

Denise Andrzejewski

Denise Andrzejewski (Germany) – Founder/MD of The Kaizen Initiative - Dubai

"I could not imagine how valuable this environment would be for me"

"I've always enjoyed being of service to people, to provide them with something they want or need, an experience, a memory or anything I am able to give. The hospitality industry is the perfect combination of a service oriented job and the possibility to explore the world. That's why I decided to study hospitality management at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.

My very first exposure to different cultures other than mine was when I joined César Ritz Colleges in 2002. Back then, I could not imagine how valuable this environment would be for me. Today however, I know that because of my studies with school mates from all over the world, I am well prepared and equipped with the necessary skills to go out in the world, live in a foreign country, work there, collaborate and create friendships the same way I did in school.

I have had many highlights in my career since my graduation day, starting with managing entire hotel portfolios and then moving to international giant companies, which gave hospitality a brand new meaning in a different environment. I then took all this knowledge to build up my own company in Dubai, which is focusing on human resources and performance consulting, organizational development, training design and development or corporate affairs.

If you consider the hospitality career path, make sure your heart is in it. It is one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding industries out there. My studies had a focus on hospitality but everything I have learned could be applied to any industry and any business I have worked with so far. I believe that hospitality is the foundation to any business that is heavily customer oriented."