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The perfect blend of entrepreneurship and culinary skills to create your ideal education.
Your culinary school:
Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
The perfect pairing

Culinary Arts & Entrepreneurship.
Graduates will master the art of cooking and acquire the tools to become an entrepreneur in the world of culinary arts.

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
Discover our specialisation

A 4 to 6-month paid internship to perfect your skills in Swiss Pastry & Chocolate Arts.
Culinary school in Europe: Culinary Arts Academy

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
Cater to your career

Bachelor degree in Culinary Arts and Master of International Business (MIB) in Culinary Management are available at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
Join our culinary family!

An international career in culinary arts and gastronomy?
Kick-start your career with our education in the art and science of cooking.

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Open Days

Visit our hospitality management and culinary schools to find your perfect match!

Are you dreaming of an exciting career in one of the world's largest, thriving industries?

Join our Open Days and discover our schools.

Open Days Programme

Choose the schools you would like to visit:

OptionMorning & LunchAfternoon & Dinner
Monday Swiss Hotel Management School in CauxCésar Ritz Colleges Switzerland &
Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
in Le Bouveret
TuesdayOption 1IHTTI School of Hotel Management in NeuchâtelHotel Institute Montreux in Montreux
Option 2Hotel Institute Montreux in Montreux--
Option 3César Ritz Colleges Switzerland in Lucerne--
Option 4IHTTI School of Hotel Management in Neuchâtel--

Please note
After registering, please wait for confirmation before reserving your flight.
Registration deadline: 2 weeks prior to the event (subject to availability).

Arrival daySunday (for participants joining the full programme)
Departure dayTuesday or Wednesday*
Accommodation1-3 nights offered*

* Participants will be offered 1, 2 or 3 hotel nights, depending on the school(s) they visit. If you choose Option 2, 3 or 4 on Tuesday, your departure will be Tuesday afternoon. If you choose option 1, your departure will be Wednesday morning.

Conditions of Participation

  1. The Open Days is an event designed for students interested in our Bachelor Programmes.
    For students who would like to learn more about our Master Programmes, Swiss Education Group organises customised individual visits.
  2. Participation in the Open Days is free of charge and without obligation. Accommodation will be offered on condition that you participate in the entire programme you registered for.
  3. Meals are offered in the training restaurants of the schools. Transportation is provided between the schools, however you must organize your own transportation from the airport (Geneva or Zürich) to Montreux on your arrival day and back to the airport on your departure day.
  4. The minimum age for potential students to participate is 16 years of age. We allow a maximum of 3 guests per party (1 candidate plus 1 or 2 parents) and provide one hotel room per family.