Distinguished Chef Visits

Discover our selection of culinary trailblazers

Benefits for students

Each Distinguished Chef is chosen for his achievements within the culinary world. Chef will conduct a masterclass to demonstrate a particular skill set to students, before cooking for a VIP dinner with a selection of students chosen to support Chef in the kitchen. 

Discover our Distinguished Chefs

Chef Mukhin

As one of the leading chefs in Russia, Chef Mukhin combines Russian cuisine with the latest trends in gastronomy. He brings his philosophy of using local seasonal produce, modern techniques and new combinations to produce a modern Russian cuisine. White Rabbit in Moscow, helmed by Chef Mukhin, serves classic Russian dishes with unexpected ingredients using ancient techniques and creative plating. This year, the restaurant garnered the 13th place in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the annual list of the world’s most excellent restaurants. He was also featured in Season 3 of Netflix’s popular series Chef’s Table.





Chef Olsson

This former captain of the Swedish national pastry team is one of the most acclaimed pastry chefs around the world. As a member of the Swedish Culinary Team, Chef Olsson struck gold at the prestigious Culinary World Cup in 1999 and later clinched the coveted Olympic gold medal at the IKA/Culinary Olympics in 2000. As Head Pastry Chef and Creative Director, he currently helms Thelins konditori, one of the most iconic bakeries in Sweden since the 1900s.





Chef Tanahashi

Chef Tanahashi is an eminent practitioner of shōjin ryōri, a long-established tradition that is observed by monks in Japan. The mostly vegetarian cuisine focuses on the spiritual dimension of cooking, to feel thankful towards each ingredient. For that reason, he uses no kitchen appliances, instead taking time and a meditative approach as he peels and grinds the vegetables, creating dishes from scratch.


Latest Distinguished Chef News

The Omakase Dining Experience: "Trust the Chef"

Based in Oslo, Norway, Chef Vladimir Pak is regarded as one of the most influential sushi chefs of the moment.

As part of the Distinguished Chef Series, Chef Pak hosted a sushi workshop for students and an intimate omakase and wine pairing gastronomic experience for guests.

The Stories And History Behind Russian Cuisine

If you have ever researched the world of gastronomy it's very likely you have come across one of Russia’s biggest names in the industry – Chef Vladimir Mukhin. From Chef’s Table to being named amongst the Top 50 Best Chefs in the World, Chef Mukhin is recognized across the culinary community for his conceptuality, originality and creativity.


Slowing Down With The Vegetable Whisperer

During the two-day event, Chef Tanahashi prepared an exclusive six-course dinner for 22 guests and shared his philosophy on shōjin ryōri, a traditional Japanese form of Buddhist cuisine, through two intimate workshops with our culinary students.