Short Course in Vegetarian Cuisine

Earn a Diploma in 22 weeks

Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts

This comprehensive vegetarian culinary arts programme based in Le Bouveret caters to those who are interested specifically in vegetarian cuisine. 

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Master of International Business in Culinary Management

Culinary Arts - Le Bouveret Campus

Our Le Bouveret campus is delighted to offer our first Diploma In Vegetarian Culinary Arts. 

Vegetarian-focused studies have gained in popularity in recent years, as awareness about the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle are gaining traction. Iceland is leading the way, with nearly 25 restaurants per million inhabitants, but the rest of Europe is catching up quickly, and the UK’s current vegetarian population is estimated at over 9 million people. 

Including essential and gourmet classes in Culinary Arts and Pastry & Desserts, you will also learn service etiquette, the importance of balancing nutrition and health and the importance of strict hygiene protocols. 

An excursion will be organised to industry pillars in the local community each term, ranging from a chocolate factory tour to a sensory lab visit. 

The Kitchen Experience 

Our experienced and decorated chef instructors teach culinary demonstrations in front of the class to explain each technique. Students then practice the techniques learned during the demonstration with chef guidance every step of the way. While a kitchen is a disciplined environment, the teaching style remains approachable and light-hearted. 

Students who enrol and complete at least 2 consecutive terms qualify for a paid full-time internship in Switzerland or abroad. For those students completing an internship in Switzerland, language courses may become a mandatory part of the programme in preparation for the placement.

*Minimum gross monthly salary in Switzerland: CHF 2,212.-

Discover the Culinary World

Le Bouveret Campus


Term 1 (11 weeks) - Essentials of Vegetarian Culinary Arts

Term 2 (11 weeks) - Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine

Optional Internship (4-6 months) - Worldwide internship (local conditions apply) or paid in Switzerland*

Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts 

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Term 1

Essentials of Culinary Arts

11 weeks

  • Essentials of Vegetarian Cooking
  • Essentials of Vegan Pastry & Desserts
  • The Chef's Tool Kit 
    • Nutrition & Health for Vegetarian Diets I
    • Food Hygiene and Sanitation
    • Menus & Recipes
    • Culinary Trends
  • French or German (optional)

Award: Certificate in Vegetarian Culinary Arts


Term 2

Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine

11 weeks

  • Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Vegan Dessert Creations
  • The Professional Chef
    • Nutrition & Health for Vegetarian Diets II
    • Kitchen Management
    • Wine, Beers & Cocktail Creations
    • Service Etiquette
    • Chef Leadership Skills
  • French or German (optional)

Award: Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts


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