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Why Switzerland

Discover what makes Switzerland special

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers some of the world's most beautiful landscapes with an eclectic cultural heritage. Switzerland is an ideal location to combine higher education with a variety of lifestyle options. 

The birthplace of hospitality

Switzerland’s reputation as the birthplace of modern hospitality was established over one hundred years ago when the first palace-style hotels were built to accommodate a growing number of wealthy tourists. The world’s first hospitality management school was established in Switzerland in 1893 and today, graduates of a Swiss curriculum are highly respected for their ability to function and manage in the workforce. The top hospitality management schools in the world are Swiss, a testament to the country’s long tradition of excellence in hospitality and culinary education and commitment to innovation in today’s dynamic, rapidly evolving world.

One of the best countries for higher education

Switzerland boasts a very international environment which makes it attractive for students of higher education institutions. Students interact with people from all over the world, while gaining exposure to the local language (Switzerland has four national languages) and culture.

Explore beautiful Switzerland

Switzerland is an ideal location for students to combine higher education with a variety of lifestyle options. Ski or hike in the Swiss Alps, explore beautiful towns, discover exquisite wines and local cuisine, immerse yourself in local culture, practise a new language (German or French), Switzerland offers endless possibilities!

Switzerland’s mountains, valleys, lakes, and glaciers, offer students year-round opportunities for outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, river rafting, sailing, water-skiing, golf, horseback riding, and paragliding. With nearly 200 winter sports resorts across the country, there are also plenty of activities to keep you busy in the winter, such as skiing, tobogganing, skating, hockey, ice climbing, and mountaineering. 

Switzerland offers an extensive range of sporting and cultural activities. World-renowned exhibitions such as the Geneva International Motor Show and musical events such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, take place throughout the year satisfying all tastes.