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BA Culinary arts

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts

3 yearsFull time

This business-focused culinary degree helps you build the foundation in kitchen fundamentals & business, by linking practical skills to academic knowledge. Choose between pathways in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Chocolate Arts, or Vegetarian Culinary Arts.


MA Culinary Business Management

Master of Arts in Culinary Business Management

1 yearFull time

Geared towards career changers, food and beverage entrepreneurs and culinary enthusiasts, through this program you will acquire relevant managerial skills, develop your own food concepts, create recipe books, and develop a business plan.

Vegetarian Culinary Final

Swiss Grand Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts

3 termsFull time

Explore the health benefits of vegetarian cuisine and learn how to prepare vegetarian fine-dining meals, through mastering presentation, ingredient substitutions, and wine pairings.

Grand Diploma

Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts

3 termsFull time

Master the fundamentals of culinary arts and develop your palate and senses by exploring different techniques, ingredients, and world cuisines. This program is also offered as a pathway to the Bachelor of Arts.

pastry and chocolate.jpg

Swiss Grand Diploma in Pastry & Chocolate Arts

3 termsFull time

Enhance your confectionery and chocolate skills through this Swiss Grand Diploma in Pastry & Chocolate. Start with the basics and work your way up to a high level of innovative showpiece excellence.

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