About Culinary Arts Academy

About Culinary Arts Academy

About us


We are regarded as Switzerland's  best culinary school and one of the world's finest thanks to our comprehensive curriculum that blends a top-rated culinary arts education with practical business theory. Nurture your talent, feed your curiosity, and build the strong foundations to succeed in the world of culinary arts.


At Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, you don’t just get a world-class education – you also get the qualifications to back it up. Our courses are run in partnership with both academic and industry partners, meaning you’ll finish your education with diplomas that are highly regarded and professionally recognized in any kitchen around the world.

Our world-class instructors have worked in Michelin-starred restaurants and have even cooked for royalty. Our curriculum is influenced and delivered by the best, to provide expertise, inspiration, and support throughout your culinary journey. Hands-on masterclasses with industry icons let you experience working side-by-side with legends of the culinary world – gaining valuable insider knowledge in the process.

Our partners

Nurturing strong industry relationships

Key partnerships with industry leaders ensure that our courses remain relevant and reflect latest trends and insights. Our industry partners contribute to the creation of academic programs and specializations, come to campus for guest lectures, provide case studies and assignments, and host visits to their premises to provide students additional insights into real-life operations. 

Our campuses

Cutting-edge facilities, inspiring spaces

Culinary Arts Academy instills in our students the passion, creativity, dedication, and excellence around food and gastronomy by developing outstanding culinary practices.

Alain Müller

Assistant Dean

alain muller

Accreditations, certifications, and recognitions

A stamp of approval

These play an essential role in the reputation and quality of Culinary Arts Academy's programs.

Swiss Education Group

Swiss Education Group

Global leader in hospitality & business education

We are part of Swiss Education Group – an alliance of internationally-celebrated schools that specialize in hospitality, business, and culinary arts. As a Culinary Arts Academy student, you will join a global community of students and alumni where you can share advice and uncover new opportunities. Our graduates go on to build successful careers across a wide range of industries, providing you with an invaluable network.

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