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A predominantly male dominated industry, women today represent only 18.5% of professional chefs.

Today, however, there are more women than ever before at the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland. As women take on more roles in culinary, we offer some tips for future women leaders.


Women in Culinary Arts by Tanja Florenthal Academic Director for the César Ritz Colleges Switzerland le Bouveret


  1. Set boundaries straight from the start regarding respect and conduct. Always know the limits. Firmly and diplomatically make the message clear about how far jokes can go. Don’t accept stereotypes and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.
  2. Female addition in the kitchen is an advantage. Don't try to be a man in disguise, diversity is key. Women have a sensibility for taste, harmony, design, presentations, combinations and they do things differently. Use those advantages to make your entire brigade shine. Use your viewpoint and don't be afraid to push boundaries.
  3. Be part of the evolution of mentality. Mentalities in the kitchen are changing. We need to continue to highlight the success stories and together, make the profession appealing. Innovate and think out of the box whilst keeping the basics of culinary in mind. Be true to your nature in relations to products and ingredients. Dare to stand up and be different.


Women in Culinary Arts by Tanja Florenthal Academic Director for the César Ritz Colleges Switzerland le Bouveret


  1. Think about the future. Be sustainable, ethical, local. The way we produce affects the planet. Know how your food affects everything else. A more fair kitchen will have a positive impact on your team, your customers, and ultimately on your business.
  2. Get a culinary education. The future belongs to those who fulfil their passion. It is important that women in the professional kitchen also learn the business aspect of running a kitchen, develop themselves and continue exploring, learning and innovating.

This article was co-written by Tanja Florenthal, Academic Director of César Ritz Colleges Le Bouveret Campus, Alain Muller, Programme Manager, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland and Loren Granger, Career Coach, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

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