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Chef Walter el Nagar sharing his ideas and useful tips of successful restaurant pop ups with Culinary Arts Academy students.

Walter is a chef-owner of Geneva located Le Cinquième Jour, on his account also are Susuru Ramen and an exciting pop up POLP. Le Cinquième Jour is not just a restaurant, it has strong ties with humanitarian ideas Walter believes in. Through their partnership with the Red Cross they are able to offer a fine dining experience to people going through difficult times. The restaurant is fully reserved for this purpose on the 5th day of the week thus the name.

My restaurant is my kitchen, it's a 12 seater counter. So it feels like I'm welcoming diners to my kitchen.

The conversation was centred around "working smart", making focus on being organised in building kitchen operations, yet humble and understanding to the needs of the staff, because the wellbeing of the staff is as important as that of the community.

As for the pop up wisdom, Walter shared a few tips: communication of your pop up is a key to its success, engage with the guests, location matters a big deal and your team is what can help you make it or break it.

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Anastasiia Burakovskikh is the Wine and Beverage Lecturer at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Le Bouveret campus.

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