AcademicsSwedish Praline Trends Revealed At Chocolate And Pastry Competition

The jury consisted of some of the top names in the pastry industry including Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland’s own Fotis Kefalakis. In our interview, we find out more about the quality of Swedish pralines and the next trends coming to the industry.


Praline competition

How did the pralines from the competition stand up to the ones you see from our students in Switzerland?

I must say that the level was very high and in terms of craftsmanship and is very closely aligned to what we do at Culinary Arts Academy.

The main difference is the ingredients used. Here you use Swedish and Scandinavian berries and rose hip, while in Switzerland we tend to use more spices, apples, pears and liqueurs.


Did you see any difference in how the pralines where made?

Precision and timing are the key elements when making pralines. Everything is so technical, so you can’t change that much when actually making them.

Swedish Pralines

The pralines we saw looked amazing! What are your thoughts of the tastes, colours, finish etc?

Everything was very nice with a great balance. The tastes matched well together and they all had great texture. Everything I saw was just excellent.


Do you see any new trends coming with pralines?

When it comes to presentation, yes. We are seeing more strong colours and the flavour tends to be a bit sourer and more balanced instead of very sweet. We also see less sugar being used overall.


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