Winning the Business Plan Competition with Stellar Scores

23 March, 2020

Winning the Business Plan Competition with Stellar Scores

Zihuan Wang, winner of the Winter Term 19, Term 7 Business Plan competition for the Entrepreneur 2 module, received the highest score of 98%!


By Swiss Education Group



His private chef business concept impressed the panel of judges, which included a representative from the Ritz Paris. 

Zihuan Wang has always had a passion for cooking and gastronomy. Previously, studying air traffic control in China, he decided to pursue his culinary studies at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, Le Bouveret campus to develop his education and training in this exciting field. 

We checked in with Zihuan to find out how he felt about the wining the Business Plan competition and what his future plans are.

Congratulations, Zihuan! How do you feel about winning the competition?

It’s my pleasure to be the winner of the Term 7 Business Plan competition. It made me feel that my efforts were recognised and well worth it. Meanwhile, I’m deeply grateful to my lecturer Ms. Delphine Blin for all her support and help whenever I needed it. Her passion and responsibility towards her students was very inspiring! 

What’s the most challenging aspect of building the business plan?

Personally, the most challenging part of my business plan was the concept setting. I wanted to figure out something unique and feasible rather than simply a fine dining restaurant or café. So, I started to look at the new culinary trends in my country and worldwide. 

I found out that the food delivery service and a comfortable dining experience play important roles in the modern gastronomy industry. Therefore, I tried to combine these two elements and generated the very first concept of my business.

Tell us about your main takeaway about yourself from this competition. 

I’m able to consider things from a more comprehensive way after this project. The formulating of a business plan is a process of merging a number of elements through a logical or a time-shift order. This was the methodology I learnt from the course and it can be used in every field whether for daily life or work. This learning experience has enhanced my independent thinking.

Participants of the business plan competition at César Ritz College Switzerland 

Can you share your thoughts about studying at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland?

I have to say that it’s the most beautiful experience that has happened in my life. As a student, I was able to gain knowledge in both theory and practical aspects from enthusiastic and professional lecturers and the staff at the school was always ready and willing to offer a helping hand. Additionally, I was moved by the breathtaking landscape of Switzerland all year round. 


It was a memorable experience to study and live in a place like Switzerland. All the picturesque flowers and greens in the spring; the blazing sun of summer; the golden mountains and emerald lakes in fall; and the snowy world and gluhwein in the winter. These are all the most beautiful scenes I’ll never forget.

Lastly, I love the concept as it brings people around the world together in one place. During my three-year study, I learnt to understand and respect others with different cultural backgrounds. 

What does this win mean for you?

It is a huge motivation for me! As we always say in China “Pride leads to loss, modesty brings benefit.” It encourages me to work harder and focus on my future career with the experience I’ve gained.

What are your future plans? 

Now I’m applying for a master’s degree in food and science in the United States. I first got this idea after doing a module on Food Product Development in Term 6. I found myself interested in this particular field and decided to further my studies to learn the relevant knowledge from a more scientific approach. My goal is to work in a food product company’s laboratory kitchen after finishing my studies. 




By Swiss Education Group