AlumniMichelin stars and celebrity chefs: Natasha shares it like it is

Natasha de Bourg has worked with 7 different chefs with Michelin stars! She reveals secrets from their kitchens and lessons she will take with her for the rest of her career.

Chef Mauro Colagreco brings nothing lesss than outstanding quality, perfection and originality to his restaurant Mirazur. In its first year, the restaurant gained its very first Michelin star and was commended by the Gault Millau guild. The restaurant is now recognized as the 4th best restaurant in the world and has 2 Michelin stars.

Chef Mauro idolizes his customers and he conveys this gratitude to them though the plates served at his restaurant.

What I will never forget: The lessons I received in the dynamics of responsiblitity and the insights into the character of a chef. It is extremely stressful and a heavy responsibility to keep a restarant at such a high standard.

Chef Rene Redzepit is without hesitation very unique and brings this to his kitchens in Noma. Coming from cold Denmark, he had to be creative from the start gathering ingredients from a place where few fresh ingredients are available.

He is a master in preservation and fermenting techniques in the kitchen.

What I will never forget: His stories about testing new ingredients and how once his entire kitchen got sick because of something they tested for the first time!

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland graduate with Chef Rene Redzepit

Chef David Kinch of Manresa, a 3 Michelin star restaurant in California, is a chef heavily influenced by Asian cuisine.

He is known for his 'mad' mixes of different cuisines and uses a lot of herbs and flowers in his dishes.

What I will never forget: As I am from Trinidad, his cooking style is very similar to my own so it was a great opportunity to expand on this.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland graduate with Chef David Kinch

Chef Massimo Buttura personally invited me to work alongside his team for an event at Mirazur.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland graduate with Chef Massimo Buttura

Chef Massimo is indeed my chef idol for his determination and extraordinary skills.

What I will never forget: How Chef Massimo never gave up evolving traditional Italian cuisine. It takes tenacity to see a vision through over many years.

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Chef Dominique Crenn’s restaurant Atelier Crenn revolves around the world of poetry, childhood and a great passion for nature. With 2 Michelin stars, Chef Dominique was the #1 female chef in 2016.

Her restaurant is amazingly organized! The flow of the kitchen is a like a symphony of music.

What I will never forget: How Chef Dominique has been able to stay true to the things she stands for and has not compromised who she is in such a male dominated industry.

Chef Tusk is the head of a team that functions like a family working together. His 3 Michelin star restaurant Quince is without a doubt the best I have ever visited, worked at or eaten in!

Chef Tusk can take an animal and find a way to use every part of it in his menu.

What I will never forget: The effort put into each plate that is created comes directly from the heart of Chef Tusk himself.

Chef Humm’s Eleven Madison Park is currently listed as #1 Restaurant in the world for 2017.

During my time stay in New York, there was a huge snowstorm – but nothing was going to keep me back from the life-long experience of working with Chef Humm’s team.

What I will never forget: This restaurant has a huge talented team, but I think it’s the excellent organization that makes it the top restaurant in the world.

Chef Natasha de Bourg (that’s me!) – Executive Chef of L’ardoise.

My first experience as Executive Chef has defintely been a learning experience. I learned quickly that the executive chef position holds much more responsibilities than expected including long hours, managing and training colleagues and a list of responsibilities that doesn’t end. Working in a French fusion restaurant requires constant innovation with weekly menu changes.

Culinary Arts Academy alumni Executive Chef of L'Ardoise

My education at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland has directly benefitted my work in menu planning, cost control, budgets and of course in the kitchen.

As of writing, I left this job 2 weeks ago and have dove head first into an immense challenge of water survival, fire safety and first aid as I have accepted a role as a chef on a private yacht. I don’t know yet what this experience will bring but I do know that I will never stop educating myself. Culinary arts is my drug and its in the kitchens where I feel most at home.

From the outside, chefs may seem fanatic and crazy, but a true chef understands the stress, tears, blood and sleepness nights are sacrificed for our love of food.

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Natasha graduated with a Bachelor of International Business in Culinary Arts:

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