AlumniFrom hobby to career in under 5 months: A Culinary Success Story

Christodoulos Theofanous took his passion for cooking to the next level with a bold move to Switzerland to undertake his Post Graduate Diploma at Culinary Arts Academy.

Today he is working as the Head Chef at Bistrot 55 in his home country of Cyprus.

What was your career path before attending Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland? What made you want to change your professional direction?
Before Culinary Arts Academy, I was working as a Marketing Manager at a TV station and then at an advertising firm.

Cooking has always been my hobby and my passion therefore I made the decision to do my Postgraduate Diploma in what I loved most.

What did you hope to achieve by undertaking the 5-month course at Culinary Arts Academy?
Quite simply, I wanted to gain knowledge from the best in order to succeed in the world of the Culinary Industry.

Did the course and career prospects following graduation exceed your expectations?
Even though I heard great things about the college, CAAS absolutely exceeded my expectations. I was impressed not only by the cooking experience but also the organization and leadership.

Was it difficult to be away from your family during your studies in Switzerland?
This was the hardest part - to be away from my son and wife. The thought of graduating and going back to them and doing what I really love is what gave me strength.

Can you describe the culinary scene and opportunities for talented chefs in Cyprus?

It is an extremely exciting time for talented chefs in Cyprus right now. There is a vision in place for the Restaurant and Hotel Industry with businessmen ready to invest and bring gastronomy to the next level.

How did studying in Switzerland open doors for your career?
In Switzerland, I had the chance to gain work experience at top gastronomic restaurants. This real-world experience combined with my culinary studies has helped open new doors in my career.

What was the most important skill or lesson you learned as a student at CAAS?
The most important thing I took away from Culinary Arts Academy was a change in my philosophy towards Gastronomy.

In three words, how will you remember your time as a student in Switzerland?

  1. Opportunities
  2. Contacts
  3. Organization

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