AlumniA World of Flavours: Sitting at Alia’s table

Moroccan culinary student Alia Benamour dreams of one day blending the cultural experiences she has gained through her education into an innovative fusion based food business back home. Only a few weeks before graduation, Alia shares with us some secrets from Moroccan cuisine and why studying at Culinary Arts Academy has changed her life.

Mediterranean cuisine is famous across the world, but what is it about Moroccan cuisine that makes it extra special?
What I love most about Moroccan cuisine is that it is all based around sharing. Each dish, mixed with different spices and flavours is presented in the middle of a shared table giving everyone a chance to taste. A part of what makes our food so special is that Morocco has been influenced over centuries by so many different cultures thanks to its geographic position in the world.

Why was it important for you to study in Europe?
Studying in Europe provides access to the basics of not only European cuisine but also many important cultures of the world.


“Having access to so many different cultures in one place was important for me in my studies in order to learn how to integrate and balance different approaches and specialities with my Moroccan background.”



What sets your Swiss culinary education apart from the rest of Europe?
I have always known that I wanted to work with food but do not want to be limited to the kitchen. An education with Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is different because of the strong focus on developing management skills. I knew even before I came to Switzerland that Culinary Arts Academy was the best school for me and now 3 years later I can confirm!

What are you most thankful for from your studies at Culinary Arts Academy?
The international network I now have is what I am most grateful for from this experience. I now have friends and colleagues spread across the world!


Would you recommend the course to other Morroccan students interested in a culinary career?
I would recommend this program to anyone that is passionate about food but specifically to Moroccans because today there are so many amazing opportunities to be had in the culinary field in Morocco.


“Morocco needs more young chefs that are innovative to help lift Moroccan cuisine to an international level and give it the recognition it deserves.”


You are set to graduate at the end of 2016 – How has your life changed over the past 3 years as a student?
I have definitely grown as a person in the last 3 years and I think it is largely thanks to the cultural diversity of my environment, the open-mindedness of those around me and the opportunity to be a part of discussions with so many varied opinions.


You recently had the opportunity to meet the famous Moroccan Chef Moha. What impression did he make on you?
Meeting Chef Moha has helped open my eyes to the number of different opportunities that are already available today in Morocco. It has been especially interesting to discover more about his role as Ambassador for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

What is your dream after graduation?
My dream is to travel the world and meet more cultures and familiarize with as many different types of cuisines as I can. In particular, I hope to travel to Asia as I am a big fan of Asian fusion. My ultimate objective is to open an innovative food business – hopefully in Morocco!

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