Participate In The SEG Global Webinar Series!

14 April, 2020

Participate In The SEG Global Webinar Series!

Offering a glimpse into the world of hospitality through our new global webinar series.


By Swiss Education Group





Demonstrating their innovative educational capabilities and talent, Swiss Education Group (SEG) are thrilled to announce the launch of the SEG Global Webinar Series, beginning on Wednesday 15th April.

The webinar series is categorised as Academic and Industry and will cover a variety of diverse and engaging topics, focused on the hospitality industry and will provide exclusive insights from SEG professionals and industry partners.

The Academic webinar sessions will be conducted by Swiss Education Group’s very own experts and their school’s outstanding academics team. In some webinar sessions, industry partners from leading hotel brands will also participate as guest speakers, providing a fresh perspective and first-hand knowledge on valuable lessons in various subject areas.

In our continued effort to engage and provide our global community with information and resources pertaining to the future of the hospitality industry, we have organised a series of Industry webinars, in collaboration with some of our industry partners including Switzerland Tourism, The Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Rosewood  Hotel Group, Japan Airlines and Le Mirador Health & Wellness Centre. We aim to cover a variety of diverse and engaging topics, focused on the hospitality and tourism industry, leadership and much more!

The webinar series is complimentary and open globally to the public, all you have to do to join the webinar sessions is to click on the links provided. 

SEG encourages you to get involved in the webinar sessions, ask questions, develop new skills, gain new insights and be inspired.

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SEG Global Webinar Series - Industry Agenda:

  1. Dream Now, Travel Later - Insights to Switzerland Tourism's ‘Recovery Plan’ - 2019 which was a record year for global tourism, has been followed by the biggest crisis for the industry in recent history, with Covid-19. With a 3-phase ‘Recovery Plan’, Switzerland Tourism strives to support the Swiss tourism industry and build trust in travellers. Find out how the tourism board's recent campaign brought Switzerland to people’s homes with beautiful pictures, emotional videos and entertaining stories, allowing everyone to dream, be inspired and to plan.
    Taking place on the 10th June at 14:00, presented by René Ziegler, Key Account Manager at Switzerland Tourism.
  2. Defining the Leader of Tomorrow (Panel Discussion) - The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis unlike any other in recent times. It has raised doubts and fears about the future, especially in the hospitality industry which has been significantly hit. If ever there was a time for leaders to step up, be authentic and show resilience this is it. In this webinar, we will be joined by three leaders from The Ritz-Carlton, as we envision the future of hospitality leadership and what it takes to become leaders of tomorrow.
    Taking place on the 18th June at 16:00, presented by Jordi Sala, Human Resources Director at Hotel Arts Barcelona, Sandra Estornell, General Manager at Zadún a Ritz-Carlton Reserve (Mexico), Grainne Johnston, Human Resources Director at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai.
  3. Doing More for a Sustainable Future - An insight into Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s Sustainability Journey - Recognised as a leader in luxury hospitality for over 50 years, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s sustainability values are deeply ingrained in the Group’s culture. As a supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Group contributes to the communities in which it operates, and responsibly manages its environmental impact and social commitment. Whilst recognising that finding harmony between sustainability and maintaining luxury service standards is a challenge, the Group remains dedicated to engaging colleagues in sustainability and driving change by setting ambitious goals such as eliminating single-use plastic, across its entire portfolio of luxury hotels, by the end of March 2021. Tune in to this webinar to find out more about how Mandarin Oriental remains committed to operating their hotels sustainably, as it continues to expand globally.
    Taking place on the 2nd July at 11:00, presented by Peter Lofgren Head of Group Engineering Operations and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Iris Lam, Director of F&B – Design and Sustainable Development at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Brittany Anthony, Spa Operations Manager at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.
  4. Relationship Hospitality - Rosewood Hotel Group’s Path to Expansion - Get an insider's look at what it takes to work in hotel development, as well as Rosewood Hotel Group’s bespoke approach to creating an owner-centric culture, differentiated brands and unsurpassed journeys across the globe.
    Taking place on the 8th July at 14:00, presented by Alexander Dadak, Senior Director of Development (Europe) at Rosewood Hotel Group.
  5. Accelerating Digital Transformation in Hospitality  - In a business that's all about people, how do you show hospitality through digital? Delve into the evolution of the hospitality industry, from an airline's perspective, and find out how the industry is embracing and accelerating digital initiatives to address the impact of travel, post Covid-19.
    Taking place on the 15th July at 13:00, presented by Jonathan Wan, Director of Global Marketing, Japan Airlines.
  6. Wellness Rising - The business of wellness and its impact on the tourism industry  - Wellness is becoming more than just a lifestyle choice and 'Wellness tourism' is a growing industry, supported by travellers actively seeking ways to integrate well-being into their vacations. Find out more about the booming wellness economy and the opportunity it presents to hospitality professionals.
    Taking place on the 22nd July at 14:00, presented by Dr. Shakhnoza Tavernier, Manager at Le Mirador Health Centre.

SEG Global Webinar Series - Academic Agenda:

  1. Celebrities, (Virtual) Influencers, KOLs - The new trends in Luxury Communications - In a fast-moving industry, where competition is fierce and digitalisation has profoundly changed the relationships between luxury brands and their audience, we will examine the new trends in communication.
    Taking place on the 15th April at 09:00 and 16:00, presented by Claire Jollain, Assistant Dean at Hotel Institute Montreux.
  2. Your Personal Brand, Your Future - An inspirational presentation on how young professionals can become successful leaders in the hospitality industry.
    Taking place on the 20th April at 09:00 and 16:00, presented by Max Behesht, Academic Dean at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.
  3. Make Yourself Wanted - Discover your element starting with your why, use Emotional Intelligence to face future challenges and find your key strengths in the Art of Hospitality.
    Taking place on the 22nd April at 09:00 and 16:00, presented by Max Behesht, Academic Dean at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland & Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, Lucerne campus and Eugenios Savva, Official Counsellor of Swiss Education Group - Cyprus & Greece.
  4. Hospitality & Leadership - The César Ritz’ Story - Mastering the Art of Hospitality by delving into the story of one of the most iconic hoteliers in history, Mr César Ritz.
    Taking place on the 24th April at 09:00 and 16:00, presented by Max Behesht, Academic Dean at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland & Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, Lucerne campus.
  5. Leveraging Emotional Intelligence in Leadership - Learn how EQ competencies can help successful career development in the hospitality sector.
    Taking place on 30th April at 16H30, presented by Erich Steinbock, Lecturer at Swiss Hotel Management School previous Vice President & Managing Director at Rosewood Resorts and Hotels and Clive Taylor, Executive Director Business Development at Swiss Education Group.
  6. Learn How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur - Few hoteliers have led such a busy and entrepreneurial life like Mr César Ritz. César had all the characteristics of a great leader, we will share his success stories and how you can use his skills to develop the entrepreneur in you. Our alumni Lavr Kozlov will also join the session to give you his insight into what it takes to become a successful restaurateur.
    Taking place on 15th May at 09:00 and 16:00, presented by Tanja Florenthal, Academic Director of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland and Delphine Blin Genin, Lecturer at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.
  7. The Perfect Barbeque with Chef Alain Muller - A step by step guide on how to prepare a truly authentic Summertime BBQ meal using fresh produce.
    Taking place on 22nd May at 09:00 and 16:00, presented by Alain Muller, Programme Manager at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.
  8. The Impact of Hotel Design on User Experience - Using human senses as an approach to hotel design and how, when combined in a considerate way, it can greatly enhance the user experience. 
    Taking place on the 29th May at 15:00, presented by Theresa von Wielligh, Hospitality Design Programme Manager & Lecturer at IHTTI School of Hotel Management & SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School and Kenneth Villamil, Product & Brand Development – Alila, Andaz, Thompson, Hyatt Centric, Joie De Vivre, The Unbound Collection, and Caption by Hyatt Hotels.
  9. How Finance Powers the Business of Hospitality - We will explore contemporary financial tools and strategies deployed in improving the efficiency of the hospitality business.
    Taking place on the 3rd June at 09:00 and 16:00 and presented by Gedeon Tumong, Post Graduate Programme Leader & Head of Finance Specialisation at Hotel Institute Montreux and Dr. Ilidio Lopes, Finance Specialisation Lecturer at Hotel Institute Montreux.
  10. Making An Impact From Within -  Find your spark and let passion ignite your journey to make an impact.
    Taking place on the 15th June at 09:00 and 16:00, presented by Robert Saltz, Head of Student Services & Lecturer at Swiss Hotel Management School & IHTTI School of Hotel Management.
  11. Discover Our Masters Programmes at SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School 
    Taking place on the 24th June at 11:00 presented by Roel Brinkman, MA Programme Manager MSC, Masters and Post Graduate Programmes at SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School and Nektarios Lykopantis, Programme Manager MA & Lecturer at SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School.


By Swiss Education Group