IndustryCombining pastry with a passion for teaching

All his life, chef instructor Yann Muriset knew that he wanted to work with pastry. But a longing to become a teacher has always been a part of his dream.

Outside of his teaching hours at our Le Bouveret campus, Yann travels the world teaching the craftsmanship of chocolate.

How did you become a pastry chef/teacher?

I always knew I wanted to work with food and pastry since an early age and originally started out as an apprentice when I was 15 years old. Although I chose this path, the desire to teach was always there. And finally, 25 years later I found the opportunity to teach at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland and through the workshops I give around the world.

What makes Culinary Arts Academy an excellent choice to study chocolate and pastry?

What makes the school so good is that our programmes are so complete. We teach everything from kitchen work and baking to the business and economics side of the profession.

Another strength is the connections we have in the industry which open up incredible internship opportunities for our students. We help students get a foot into the best establishments in the world.

Yann Muriset, Culinary Arts Pastry Teacher

What approach do you take to teaching?

I aim to be the best role model for the profession as I can. I push students to develop themselves and encourage them not to be afraid to make mistakes. I take a strict and disciplined approach because I believe in order for students to succeed in this industry you must be motivated, passionate and most of all have patience for what you do.

What made you choose pastry as a profession?

I chose pastry because it brings a smile to people’s faces. And with this profession I get to travel the world sharing my passion for this craft.

Yann Muriset, Culinary Arts Pastry Teacher

What is your favourite pastry piece?

I really like Patrick Rogers pralines. He is a true trendsetter for the whole chocolate industry and I recommend everyone to have a look at his work.

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