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Sara’s chocolate business combines her love for rock music and pralines.

Sara Nilsson originally stumbled upon Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland by searching the internet for the word chocolate. A word whose molecular composition is tattooed on her arm. For Sara, chocolate is a burning passion and a lifestyle that has resulted into her own business.

We met Sara during the Bakery and Chocolate Festival in Stockholm where she was showing off her “loved ones” for curious visitors. The loved ones are shiny pralines that makes you think of marble with their beautiful patterns and colors.

Rock N Roll Pastry Arts - Sarah Nilsson - Chocolates

How did you end up in Culinary school?

I was working as a chef in the military, but I wasn’t happy. I felt that I wanted to learn something new and expand my vision as a chef. So, I went online and searched for the word chocolate on ( and as the first suggestion was Swiss Education Group I clicked on it. Right away I felt “wow, this is so cool” and sent in my application.

What was the best thing about the school according to you?

Without sounding like a cliché, the teachers. They were the best I ever had, ever.

They pushed me to a whole new level as a chef. They were straightforward and honest with no fuss, something that I appreciated very much. All focus was on becoming the best pastry chef you could ever be.

What was the biggest surprise for you as a student?

One of the biggest eye-openers for me was discovering how difficult and complicated it was the first time I tried to make pralines. So much could go wrong in the process, which made it so fun and interesting to work with. When it comes to chocolate, there is always something new to learn.

 Rock N Roll Pastry Arts - Sarah Nilsson

What motivated you to start your own business after graduation?

In the region of Skåne where I live, there was no one who did what I wanted to do or could help me grow as a chef, so I had to create that opportunity for myself. Today, I do what I want and grow myself and my business on my own terms and ways.

Rock N Roll Pastry Arts is the name of my company and it combines my keen interests for rock music and pastry. For me, working with pastry is a very creative thing and an art form, just like painting a picture, so the name just came naturally to me.

What is your best insight for someone just starting the course?

Don’t let your imagination limit you. The worst that can happen is you fail at a task – but that’s when you learn something new. Be prepared to work hard and take it seriously.

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