A unique dining experience at Mosimann’s Club

A unique dining experience at Mosimann’s Club

Pablo Marchesini and Mariia Prianikova, Culinary Arts students, won the Student Culinary Competition “Wawrinka-style Rösti” led by Chef Mosimann!

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By Swiss Education Group

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As a result, Swiss Education Group and Mr. Mosimann rewarded them with a weekend in London to experience Mosimann’s Club.

“Arriving at Mosimann’s on 13th May 2016 and being personally greeted by the world-renowned Chef Anton Mosimann, OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire), was already an experience beyond our expectations.”
Says Pablo.

The restaurant is located in the center of Belgravia, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in London. Mosimann’s brand, a red “M”, catches your attention immediately and it is everywhere in the Club: on the door as you enter the Club, on the cooks' uniforms, on the matchboxes and so on.

“After the warm welcome given by Chef Mosimann, dressed in his white uniform and his trademark bow tie, we were accompanied by him on a tour of the premises, situated in a former Scottish Presbyterian church which has been converted and renovated in the 80’s.

The private dining club is composed of a round central dining room at the ground floor; on the floor above there is a circled wooden landing bar. On the second and third floor there are seven private dining rooms, all sponsored by different luxury brands.

Walking up the stairs, Chef Mosimann showed us the incredible collection of photographs depicting him with important guests: Presidents, Prime Ministers, celebrities from all over the world, members of the British Royal family, including Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton at their Royal marriage in 2011. All wonderful memories that help make Chef Mosimann feel proud of his achievements when looking back at his career, which he started when he was just 15 years old.

All these characteristics and the attention to details are in my opinion what differentiates Mosimann’s Club, which is indeed a private dining club.

The visit continued with a nice chat with Mr. Mosimann and a glass of Champagne.

“We learned a lot about his interest in cooking from an early age, the story of his dining club and his private collection of historical cookbooks covering 500 years of cooking history.

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Once at our table, Chef Mosimann proposed a 5-course menu especially made in our honour. The menu started with a Marinated Salmon and Crab and ended with a delicious Passion Fruit Soufflé. Mosimann’s famous risotto al funghi was served as a main dish, made even more tempting by the recipes secrets that had been hinted at beforehand.

The whole meal was paired with French wines personally selected by Chef Mosimann: a Grand Cru Brut Verzenay Champagne, a 2014 Sancerre and a 2007 Bordeaux.

As expected, it was just splendid!

We fell in love with his interpretation of Nouvelle Cuisine. He indeed innovated French cuisine by creating 20 years ago “Cuisine Naturelle”, a cooking style which emphasizes healthy and natural ingredients, light cooking methods, and avoiding the use of cream and butter.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Chef Mosimann and to Swiss Education Group, for having offered us the extraordinary opportunity to dine in one of the temples of the Haute Cuisine.

It was an emotional, unforgettable experience and so rewarding for our life and our future career in the culinary world!” says Pablo

Mariia also described her experience as simply fantastic. “It was an outstanding experience from both sides: me as a chef and me as a guest. I can hardly remember any other dinner in my life that could be compared to this one. It was flawless from the beginning to the end in terms of menu, service, ambience.”

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By Swiss Education Group