Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts

Explore the health benefits of vegetarian cuisine through two 11-week programmes and learn how to prepare vegetarian fine-dining meals, through mastering presentation, ingredient substitutions, and wine pairings.

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Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts

Learn the fundamentals of culinary arts from experienced chef instructors before moving into gourmet cuisine in three 11-week short courses, which can be taken as three independent building blocks.

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Swiss Grand Diploma in Pastry & Chocolate Arts

This diploma programme offers three 11-week courses which can be taken as three independent building blocks. They begin with a focus on the fundamentals, developing into innovative showpiece excellence.

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Bachelor of International Business in Culinary Arts

Perfect for culinary entrepreneurs looking to launch their own food-based businesses, explore industry trends, acquire business acumen, develop your leadership and management skills, and in your final year, develop a food concept that is ready to be used in the professional arena.

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Master of Arts in Culinary Business Management

Geared towards career changers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, and culinary start-up enthusiasts, acquire relevant managerial skills, develop your own food concepts, create recipe books, and learn how to develop a viable business plan.

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Meet your chef instructors

Learn from a highly experienced culinary team, in state-of-the-art facilities at Switzerland’s finest culinary school. Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland has achieved the distinction of being the only culinary school ranked in the QS World University Rankings, reflecting the superb quality of its teaching and facilities.

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Distinguished Chef Series

The Distinguished Chefs are highly-reputable chefs who come once a term to give a guest lecture and prepare an exclusive dinner with students. We have had chefs from nearly every region in the world. They share their life stories, tips, and adventures, and inspire students to follow their passion.

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Gain world-class culinary experience at top restaurants and hotels in Switzerland and around the world.

English Foundation Programme

Enhance the English skills you need for academic and professional success.

Swiss Culinary Club

Explore the world of culinary arts in this summer programme geared towards youth aged 16 to 20. Learn cooking techniques, taste new foods, and explore Switzerland though fun culinary excursions.

Alumni profiles

Our alumni go on to hold prestigious positions in establishments around the globe or launch their own businesses. Find out how they achieved their goals and the role Culinary Arts Academy played in their success.

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