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Reaching the highest level of sustainability

Our mission, as a higher educational institution, is to shape the world’s future generations and lead by example. We are convinced that sustainability is key for the future of the hospitality and culinary arts sectors. This is why we are proud that our shared campus with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland in Le Bouveret has been a member of Green Globe, the highest standard for sustainability worldwide, since 2019, and got certified in 2021. Our aim is to provide world-class education in culinary arts, while at the same time managing our impact on the environment and teaching our students sustainability best practices they can apply to their future career.

We are committed to

Sustainable Management

We are committed to developing standard procedures to:

  • Provide staff development through with ongoing training
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Deliver our promise: providing students with worldclass education in the hospitality and business
  • Ensure legal compliance in all of our business operations

Social and Economic Sustainability

We engage in the local community and uphold our cultural heritage by:

  • Working with local businesses
  • Practicing local hiring practices
  • Using fair trade products
  • Providing employee protection
  • Implementing a code of behaviour for staff and students
  • Preserving the unique historical aspects of the original architecture
  • Developing the curriculum in partnership with neighbouring producers

Environmental Sustainability

We aim to reduce the use of resources and promote re-usage and recycling practices:

  • Establishing a purchasing policy including consumable goods
  • Reducing energy, water, green house, and gas emissions
  • Implementing a comprehensive waste management cycle to better plan and reduce waste
  • Engaging in the protection of the grounds surrounding the campus

“Sustainability is not about recycling cans and bottles. It’s about recycling  our values and learning how to live differently. It involves acting now, and it involves acting on behalf of somebody other than just oneself.”

Scott Mcnall


Find out more about how we practice sustainability on campus

Bees & Honey

Have you met our bees yet? Buzzing around on campus they are helping make our learning experience just a little more sweet.


We sent our students/entrepreneurs of the future to neighbouring France to discover how a family-run soap manufacturer keeps it local and eco-friendly.

Sustainable Caviar

From “farm to table”, ingredients are better when handled with care every step of the way. On a visit to a local luxury caviar farm, our students get to know a whole new side of sustainability in the caviar business.