The dream of Italian cuisine

The dream of Italian cuisine


SchoolCulinary Arts Academy

ProgramBachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts

CountrySaudi Arabia

Ali Mohammed Culinary Arts Academy student from Saudi Arabia

Where are you doing your internship?

I'm working in Geneva at the Osteria della Bottega.


How did you find your internship?

My career coach, Alyaa Fathi, helped me research restaurants where I could intern.  Since my goal is to one day open up a fine-dining restaurant in Saudi Arabia, we narrowed down my options to Italian restaurants. I am so grateful to Ms. Fathi for all her help.


What inspired you to choose this position?

The chef there is excellent and from the very first day, he put me to work. He encouraged me by telling me, "I can see you are a great chef."


What do you hope to learn?

All the skills needed to prepare delicious Italian food.


How does this internship fit into your career plan and aspirations?

It's been a perfect fit! After I finish, I want to go home and start cooking again, before travelling to Italy to learn how to make pasta.

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