The experience has been the best part of my life

The experience has been the best part of my life



SchoolCulinary Arts Academy

ProgramBachelor of Arts


CountryUnited Arab Emirates

CAAS student Maitha Warshaw

What is your name and what program are you studying?

My name is Maitha Warshaw and I am in the fourth term of study for a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts.  

What brought you to Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland?

I came to Culinary Arts Academy because cooking was my hobby but I wanted it to be my life. I thought Culinary Arts Academy would be the most suitable place for me to pursue my dreams, as the university curriculum covers all the basics I needed and it offers a very high level of education.

How has your experience been so far? What opportunities have you been given?

This experience has been the best part of my life so far, as I am living my culinary dream. I got the chance to do my first internship at Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The hotel has 7  stars and they have a Michelin Star Restaurant.

I’ve had the great opportunity to work with chefs with 3 Michelin Stars from Italy and France, which helped me to gain so much knowledge and experience. I also got the opportunity to join the Jeunes Talents d’Escoffier.

What is your favorite memory so far?

I had the chance to craft handmade chocolate for the world-famous chef, Anton Mossiman!

How did you find making the move to Switzerland?

Moving to Switzerland in the beginning was hard because I was leaving all my family and friends behind in my home country of United Arab Emirates to pursue my dream. But everyone in school was welcoming and made me feel at home. Winter was hard in the beginning, because my country is warm, but I got used to it. Moving to Le Bouveret was also hard, because it is a small place without a lot of activities, but the train station is very near to the university so it is easy to take public transport to go explore Switzerland with its beautiful nature and interesting places.

CAAS student Maitha Warshaw in the kitchen

Why do you believe this school will guide you to a career full of success?

I believe that the school is helping us build our future and guiding us with where to do our internships to gain the most experience we want in specific roles in the kitchen. They also help us gain knowledge in hospitality, beverages, and culinary arts. With their great chefs and instructors, they give us all we need to get the most out of our university experience. And the rest is on us to use the knowledge and wonderful connections they give us.  

You recently took part in the Jeunes Talents d'Escoffier; how was it?

The competition was amazing, but a lot of pressure. I got the chance to create new dishes in an area of cuisine I had never cooked in before. I won second place in the end! But it was not easy to accomplish, with all the preparation and planning.

Why did you want to join the competition?

I wanted to join the competition mostly to learn, and to make my family and my country proud of me, as I am the first person from the United Arab Emirates to join this school and to compete in this competition. I wanted to also test my knowledge and learn my limits in cooking by competing with others. I was motivated to give it all my best effort.

What were the most important things you learned from the competition?

I learned the importance of team spirt, time management, and proper organization. I also learned that nothing is impossible!

What is next for you in your educational journey?

My next step is to finish term 5 and to look for my next internship opportunity. I want to get an internship in a restaurant in Switzerland that has at least 1 Michelin Star.

Fun question: Which three kitchen utensils could you not live without?

Tweezers, a spatula, and a paring knife.

CAAS student Maitha Warshaw cooking in kitchen

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