Sal's Unforgettable Internship at Nobu in Doha during the World Cup

Sal's Unforgettable Internship at Nobu in Doha during the World Cup


SchoolCulinary Arts Academy

ProgramBachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts


Student at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Sal, how was your second internship at the Nobu in Doha?

It was an amazing internship. I never stopped learning and was always evaluated in a great way that helped me improve. During the World Cup, we had over 600 people a day, and it was crazy, but always fun and an amazing experience. After the World Cup, the tempo decreased, and I missed the rhythm and pace. It was truly fantastic to handle that amount of guests, and I was proud of myself for doing really well.

What did you learn?

I learned an array of techniques that have made my life as a cook easier. The attention to small details at Nobu was revolutionary, introducing me to previously unheard-of concepts. I discovereda multitude of techniques that I couldn't have learned without this hands-on experience. Learning the basics in school gave me the foundations to grow into a more skilled cook during my internship. I relished the opportunity to start at the bottom, showcasing my abilities through hard work and dedication. The reward at the end was beyond gratifying.

What drives and motivates you? Do you have a dream?

My driving force has always been making other people happy, and I have found my medium for accomplishing that through food. I take immense pride in my culture and aspire to give back by earning the first Michelin star for Qatar. While many Michelin-starred restaurants from Europe have opened in Qatar, achieving that prestigious recognition within my own country is my dream.

How did you hear about the Culinary Arts Academy, and how is the school helping you achieve your goals?

I learned about the Culinary Arts Academy through my sister, who attended the renowned Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS). Her high praise for Swiss Education Group's (SEG) Culinary Arts Program led me to enroll, and I am grateful for that decision. The academy has not only provided me with kitchen and culinary knowledge but has also helped me explore my own identity and embrace different cultures. By fully engaging with the curriculum, I have gained a wealth of insights. Hospitality and respect, two essential values in my culture, were instilled within me. Additionally, the academy has connected me with a diverse network of individuals from whom I continue to learn and grow. This education extends beyond academics, as it teaches us to interact and collaborate with people from various backgrounds. I consider it a precious gift to live and work with different cultures, and I firmly believe that meeting others with respect is a universal language that propels both young professionals and individuals.

Advice for future students:

My advice to future students is to approach your culinary journey with an open mind. Adapting to the industry and programs takes time and patience, but the rewards are immeasurable. Embrace the challenges, nurture your passion, and watch as your culinary dreams unfold in ways you never imagined.

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