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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
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Culinary Arts & Entrepreneurship.
Graduates will master the art of cooking and acquire the tools to become an entrepreneur in the world of culinary arts.

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
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A 4 to 6-month paid internship to perfect your skills in Swiss Pastry & Chocolate Arts.
Culinary school in Europe: Culinary Arts Academy

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
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Bachelor degree in Culinary Arts and Swiss Grand Diplomas (in Culinary Arts or Pastry & Chocolate Arts) are available at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
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An international career in culinary arts and gastronomy?
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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

AlumniFocused on victory at the Culinary World Cup

When we interviewed alumna Danna Vu, she was working shoulder to shoulder with the schools’ instructor Yann Muriset with a big group of curious people in front of her. She was instructing how to make simple but beautiful Petit Fours.

One of the industry’s brightest new talents, Danna Vu shares more about her impressive career as a young chocolate creative and how she is preparing for one of the largest and most important cooking competitions in the world.

Tell us about defending Sweden in the World Championship in Luxembourg?

We are 12 chefs that were recruited and put together as a team. Right now we are training very hard for the last weeks before it all starts and the nerves are starting to settle in.

Danna Vu, Culinary Arts Pastry Alumna

We have a set table with different dishes that we have been practicing to make perfect for almost 1.5 years now!

We have a theme and an approach with different tastes that complement each other in a great way but you have to wait for the championship to see what they are.

How did you end up at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland?

I was working in a bakery for the summer in Oskarshamn, Sweden after graduating high school and I decided that I wanted to keep studying, but abroad. I was googling programmes for pastry chefs and the school came up on top of the search. What hooked me was that it felt very serious and organized with a lot of things happening during a short amount of time.

What did you appreciate the most about the education you received?

What I liked the most about the school itself, was that it felt very luxurious. I appreciated that the teachers were strict and pushed you quite hard.

Danna Vu, Culinary Arts Pastry Alumna

I needed a strong leader to help me develop, and if they see that you respond well to this they will keep pushing you. It gave me great respect for the school and the profession itself.

What is your advice for someone studying culinary arts?

Don’t be afraid to ask many questions, that is how you will develop. And dare to step outside of your comfort zone, that’s where the real magic happens. Attend all the different events the school is hosting and talk and get to know lots of people. The school has a very international approach so you will be making important connections for the future.

Certificate in Swiss Pastry and Chocolate Arts

Danna Vu graduated in 2016 from Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland with a Certificate in Swiss Pastry and Chocolate.

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