Eighth best in the world in Culinary Arts Education | Top culinary schools in world

Eighth best in the world in Culinary Arts Education | Top culinary schools in world

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland reconfirms its reputation in the 2023 QS Rankings.

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By Swiss Education Group

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For the third consecutive year, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland ranks eighth in the world for hospitality management. We are the highest ranking culinary school in Switzerland and our QS ranking reconfirms our position as among the top culinary schools in the world. Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland remains the only culinary institute recognized in the QS world rankings – which sets us apart as truly in a class of our own, and a testament to our world-class standards and the Swiss approach to teaching culinary arts.

Being the only ranked culinary school shows our determination to providing excellent culinary education, says Tanja Florenthal, Dean, Culinary Arts Academy.

2021 was the first year our school earned a coveted position among the top 10 schools in the world, but our impressive showings in both 2022 and 2023 prove that that was no accident. We have indeed earned our place among the elite institutions in the world.


What makes Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland one of the best culinary schools in the world?


1. From the kitchen to the boardroom

We have both feet planted firmly in the dual Swiss model which equally emphasizes theory and practice. Our hands-on learning opens the door for our students grow as people, entrepreneurs, creative artists, and leaders.

Students can choose from specialities in culinary arts, pastry & chocolate arts, and vegetarian culinary arts and graduate after a year of vocational training with a Swiss Grand Diploma. They can also choose the more rigorous path that leads a bachelor's degree after spending over 1,100 hours in the kitchen, and taking management and entrepreneurship classes. Our determination to build on both the practical and business skills results in our students becoming accomplished graduates who are great chefs, many of whom set up their own businesses.  


2. Learn from the best

Our world-class chef instructors have worked in Michelin-starred restaurants and have even cooked for royalty.

Hands-on masterclasses with culinary legends provides our students with unique experiences and gives them valuable insider knowledge in the process.

We work closely with industry partners whose expertise and insights inform our curriculum, ensuring that what we teach is relevant for the workplace.


3. Best-of-the best facilities

Our students love spending every hour they can honing their culinary skills in state-of-the-art kitchens, the likes of which most chefs ever step into. Every feature of our teaching environment is designed in minute detail to inspire creativity and originality, from our chic facilities and high-tech learning tools to a 100-seat training restaurant.

Each space in our facility has its bespoke purpose for teaching a unique skill that we deem important for our students to master. By graduation, every student is confidently ready to work in and manage even the most exacting professional kitchen.


4. A caring community of faculty, staff, students, and alumni

Everyone involved in our community is dedicated to and can take credit for our accomplishment in maintaining our world-class ranking, from operations to academic staff and chef instructors, current students and alumni, academic and industry partners. 

I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished together as a community, says Dean Florenthal.  

Regarding the QS Rankings

The QS World University Rankings are designed to provide independent quality assurance to the millions of students, parents, academics, and policymakers who seek to ensure that their educational, career, and strategic choices are data-driven.

You can find the full rankings for 2023 on the QS Rankings website.
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By Swiss Education Group