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Why aren’t women the dominant gender in the gastronomic world?

When it comes to gastronomy, men hold the majority of the Michelin stars and lead the kitchens in most gourmet restaurants.

So why is this? After all, cooking is traditionally a woman’s business. Usually, women cook the meals at home – but haute cuisine is not the same as a home-cooked meal.

From my perspective, it is likely to do with endurance. The emotional pressure in the kitchen is very high and physically its more difficult for women to cope with this work.

Lifting and pulling 15-litre pans or chopping bones isn’t for the weak.


This may seem obvious – but there is even more to it.

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Successful chefs now climb to celebrity status. They aren’t just the cook behind the stove, they are a brand. Restaurants position themselves not only with the service but with the “unique” chef in the kitchen.

Social networks, tv shows and films have promoted the profession to a very high level helping people understand the concept of gastronomy from a different side.

Safina Usmanova 2

More than ever, people want to see what they eat, how it was cooked and by whom. Today, the chef has a direct line to the clients.

The chef often works from 7 am to 12 am – all weekend, on holidays, the day of your child’s performance… And it can be very challenging for a woman to make this kind of sacrifice when she has a family.

So how did I get here?

Today, working in the kitchen takes far more than stamina! It’s about science. I believe that over time more women will receive the attention they deserve in this field – and I hope to be a part of this influence.


Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

Safina Usmanova is a Term 7 culinary student at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.

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