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Meet your chef instructors

Learn from a highly experienced culinary team, in state-of-the-art facilities at Switzerland’s finest culinary school. Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland has achieved the distinction of being the only culinary school ranked in the QS World University Rankings, reflecting the superb quality of its teaching and facilities.

Chef instructors at Le Bouveret

Alain Muller
  • Chef Alain Muller
  • Assistant Dean, Switzerland/Canada
  • Chef Alain worked as a chef both in Canada and Switzerland before joining us in 1994. He has played a key role in making Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland the success it is today. Alain is passionate about helping students combine their culinary skills with business acumen to become successful culinary entrepreneurs.
Roger Moulin
  • Chef Roger Moulin
  • Executive Chef, Switzerland
  • Chef Roger has worked in Switzerland and the Middle East and was the sous-chef for the world-famous King David Hotel in Jerusalem. At Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, he oversees a team of 20 kitchen staff.
Patrice Bressoud
  • Chef Patrice Bressoud
  • Chef Instructor, Switzerland
  • Chef Patrice has worked in Switzerland, South America, the Caribbean, Norway, and the USA, as head chef and restaurant manager of hotel and Michelin-starred restaurant openings. Trained as both a chef and a butcher, he is in charge of all the fundamental knowledge and butchering at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.
Yann Muriset
  • Chef Yann Muriset
  • Chef Instructor, Switzerland
  • Chef Yann specialises in chocolate arts, pastry, ice cream, confectionary, and baking. He has worked for well-known brands Confiserie Moret and Pâtisserie Durgnat. He has also delivered several pastry masterclasses in Sweden, Dubai, India and Switzerland.
Francesco Versari
  • Chef Francesco Versari
  • Chef Instructor, Italy
  • Chef Francesco Versari made a name for himself on the Swiss culinary scene working as the sous-chef for the Lausanne Palace & Spa and the Beau Rivage Palace. Today he leads new product development at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.
Cyril Cholley
  • Chef Cyril Cholley
  • Chef Instructor, France
  • Cyril Cholley, after an internship in les Baux de Provence, has worked on the French and Swiss Riviera, and in countries such as Thailand, Egypt, and the UK. He spent the last 4 years working in Zurich for a production and catering company.
Roland Duval
  • Chef Roland Duval
  • Chef Instructor, France
  • Chef Roland has worked for more than 30 years in the industry in top restaurants all over Europe in countries, including England, Norway, Switzerland, and France. As chef instructor his main focus is on European cuisines.
Rando Kauge
  • Chef Rando Kauge
  • Chef Instructor, Estonia
  • Chef Rando trained in Swiss Gastronomy in Switzerland, working as the saucier and mise en place chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant. He is passionate about sustainable living and vegetarian cuisine, and teaches the vegetarian gourmet course.
Darren Burke
  • Chef Darren Burke
  • Chef Instructor, United Kingdom
  • Chef Darren Burke trained in an Italian gastronomic restaurant in the UK and went on to become Head Pastry Chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant in the North of England. He has worked for Sir Richard Branson in Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco, and in Verbier, Switzerland. He was most recently the Chef Owner of Restaurant Le Bois Sauvage, focused on sustainable dining and local produce.
David Alvarez
  • Chef David Alvarez
  • Chef Instructor, France/Mexico
  • Chef David Alvarez trained in French Gastronomy and Food & Beverage service in Paris. Chef David joined the committee for the first “Mexican Gastronomic Forum as Humanity World Heritage” in 2011, to introduce and showcase Mexican chocolate art and its cocoa beans abroad.
Jérôme Loup
  • Chef Jérôme Loup
  • Chef Instructor, Switzerland/Scotland
  • Chef Jérôme trained for three years in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Working later as head chef in gastronomic restaurants and hotels in both Scotland and Switzerland, he now teaches and develops practical culinary programmes at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.
Mireille Mbo
  • Chef Mireille Mbo
  • Chef Instructor, France
  • Chef Mireille has worked in a variety of five-star hotels and three-star Michelin restaurants in England, California, and Switzerland. She was most recently the pastry head chef for Almaz by Momo, a Moroccan-style restaurant in the United Arab Emirates.

Chef instructors at Lucerne campus

Daniel Benner
  • Chef Daniel Benner
  • Chef Instructor, Germany
  • Specialising in intricate customised wedding cakes, pastry, and confectionary, Chef Daniel has more than 20 years’ experience working as an Executive Pastry Chef in five-star establishments across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
Graham Sutherland
  • Chef Graham Sutherland
  • Chef Instructor, Scotland
  • Chef Graham is a seasoned Pastry Chef with more than 20 years’ experience as Head Pastry Chef. Having worked around Europe and North America, he specialises in chocolate arts and creating exclusive innovative luxury plated desserts and petit fours.
Fotios Kefalakis
  • Chef Fotios Kefalakis
  • Chef Instructor, Greece
  • Chef Fotios has 24 years’ experience as a pastry chef in five-star hotels, fine-dining restaurants, pastry shops, and seven-star cruise ships, in Australia, the USA, the UK, and Greece.